A Cleaning Schedule for a Standard
3 Bed, 2 Bathroom Home

I want to give you an example of a cleaning schedule for a standard sized home. You will have to adjust this based on your own home size, but this will give a basic outline.

My cleaning standard is based on a good solid cleaning twice a month -- every other week.

One week cleaning; the next maintenance.

You can read more about this and other housecleaning tips in
home organization.

If you are doing regular cleaning maintenance and picking up as you go, then following this cleaning schedule with twice a month deep cleaning should be enough.

You will probably have to clean the bathrooms once a week; there's no getting around that! How to clean basics should help with that.

On cleaning week,
You should outline exactly what needs to be cleaned into categories, and assign them to a certain day.
This can be changed; but essentially, you are going to address each area on a given day.

Place this on your refrigerator for easy reference.
If you are ahead of your cleaning schedule, then kudos to you and you can work ahead :)
Or this leaves room to do other activities and not be consumed with the cleaning.

Establish which days you will have more time to clean, and place your biggest jobs on that day.

Be sure to get the kids involved with this cleaning schedule -- your teenage kids, and maybe even younger, can clean their own rooms. That means pick up, dust and vacuum. See Chores for kids for details.


1. Bathrooms.
2. Dusting (includes wooden window sills).
3. Vacuuming.
4. Walls, light switches, doors and door jams.
5. Windows, and mirrors.
6. Kitchen & kitchen floor.
7. Hardwood floors, if you have.
8. Blinds.
9. Laundry room and other floors.
10. Sweep the front porch and/or deck.
11. Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners.
12. Wipe off ceiling fans.
13. General put-away.


Monday can be a busy wash day, so our cleaning schedule will be light on Monday. I try to do a couple loads of laundry every day, so it doesn't pile up.
When my kids were all living at home, I did about 10 loads of laundry a week with 5 kids.

1. General put-away: This is where everything lands in its place at least once a week :)
2. Wipe down walls, light switches, doors and door jams. Be sure to include your front door -- inside and out -- you want your door to look presentable for guests.
3. Dust 1st floor (including bedrooms unless you have teens doing their own rooms and window sills). Be sure to wipe off/dust all your knick-knacks at this time too.


1. Dust 2nd floor (including bedrooms and window sills) and basement.
2. Clean bathrooms.
3. Clean windows and mirrors. Another great job for the kids. Don't climb on ladders to get your windows -- I'm talking about the ones you can reach on each level.
You may need to do some only once a month, but the ones that get nose smudges or fingerprints will need it more often.


1. Kitchen and Kitchen floors.
You will be doing general kitchen clean-up everyday, so there will not be a lot more to do in the kitchen except to wipe off the top of fridge, and appliance surfaces if needed.
You should also take this time to clean out your microwave.
Read about my microwave fetish in Kitchen Organization :)

Kitchen floors -- I do my floors on my hands and knees; I feel they get a better clean that way. Don't forget to sweep first, then mop.

Wipe kitchen walls if any spills have gotten on them by the garbage can or elsewhere.
Wipe out garbage can.

If you have a desk area in your kitchen; this is the time to straighten and organize it. See

simple mail management and desk organization for tips on this.

2. Hardwood floors if you have -- again I do this on my hands and knees.
Always sweep first, then dry-wipe.
I use a Murphy's Oil cleaner and a very light damp rag -- works like a charm, and my hardwood floors look great :)
Try out other brands to find what you like.

3. Laundry area and other floors.
Wipe off your washer and dryer;
Clean out your laundry tub and general clean-up in laundry area.
Mop the floor.


1. Blinds -- you will probably not need to do this more than once a month or even less -- clean/wipe as needed.
2. Sweep the front porch and/or deck. This may be something your husband does while doing yard work.
If not, do a simple sweep of the areas and remove cobwebs from corners.
3. Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners -- you may have to purchase one of those long reaching dusters for high ceilings, but otherwise your broom should do the trick.
4. Wipe off ceiling fans -- be careful while doing this so you don't fall -- use a very secure ladder or chair.
Do this while others are in the house just in case you need help.
This will most likely be a once a month task or even less depending on how dirty they get.
5. Vacuum main floor -- if you have the energy to vacuum the whole house, go for it or save it until tomorrow.
You could stay to the cleaning schedule and save all the vacuuming for Friday if you're feeling overwhelmed.


1. Vacuum the house -- all levels and the staircase. Use a dustbuster for the staircase if you have one.


Kudos for following the cleaning schedule! It's been a lot of hard work.

I really hope this cleaning schedule has given you a basic outline for planning your house cleaning, and the tasks to be done.

Julie :)

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