Keep your home cooking
and Embrace the journey!

As a mother of 5, I know moms can tend to be the master juggler of home, activities, school and work. We hold it all together and keep the home cooking, so to speak.

We also have an incredible ability to influence our home. If mom is happy, everyone's happy. If mom is crabby, everyone's crabby. You know it; we've all been there. It's amazing and a bit scary the way we can influence the climate of our home.

What a responsibility and privilege! :)

We also love our children -- dare I say, obsessively love our children, and we want everything wonderful for them.

My hope is that through this site you will find useful tools, good housekeeping tips, easy recipes and parenting tips to help in this great journey and to embrace this most awesome gift!

It's all here! And if it's not here yet; it will be as I build this site. The Navbars on the left will get you started. :)

Get comfortable and make yourself at home at "keep your home cooking." Bookmark this site and share it with a friend. Come back often!

To the journey,

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